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Case Study #2: Balanced HVAC Loads Keep Everyone Happy

Posted by Encycle on Feb 22, 2018 4:23:21 PM

Taking Better Care of Man's Best Friend!

Real World Energy Efficiency Optimizations: Small-Box Retail Pet Stores


Welcome to the second in our series of case studies focused on how retail and C&I organizations can improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions by gaining better and individualized control over their rooftop air-conditioning units. In this new story, we focus on the unique needs of a pet store chain whose occupants bring with them high levels of moisture (fish), heat (snakes) and many other unusual realities that result in multiple micro-climates within one single space. 

In this example, customers are not only the men and women working and shopping in the pet store. They are also the animals who live temporarily within its walls, and precise control of the HVAC units that cool and heat the stores is more important than ever.  

The moral of this story is that every building has unique cooling needs that are determined by the heat loads and comfort needs of specific areas and occupants. Read about how one pet store chain leveraged the power of biomimicry to keep all its customers happy and cut consumption at the same time.


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