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Extending the Value of Smart Thermostats — Are “Smart Thermostats” really that smart?

Posted by Encycle on Jul 26, 2017 9:12:00 AM

A thermostat is a common, everyday device that we typically ignore while passing it in the hall, hardly a technically advanced computing platform.  So why is there a buzz about this being a “smart” device, especially for home use, and what value can it provide to building operators?

Encycle took a hard look at existing smart thermostat functionality, and determined how to apply its intellectual property and patents to make them “super” smart. Let’s explore some of the features and services that reduce building operators’ utility costs using Encycle’s SwarmStat™ service.

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 4.31.00 PM.pngAdmittedly, the capability of integrating a thermostat to a mobile/web app is interesting, but it can also create a problem. Consider the dilemma of a business facilities manager who, for the sake of convenience, allows occupants to adjust thermostats to accommodate short-term situations. How can a facilities manager ensure that such changes aren’t set permanently – and drive up energy costs?  Encycle’s SwarmStat service ensures that the business’s standard schedule is reset on every thermostat at midnight so that thermostats don’t remain in any accidentally set override mode.

Contrary to residential thermostat settings where only one or perhaps two devices are involved, consider the hassle a facilities manager encounters when setting or modifying perhaps dozens of thermostats in a building.  Not only is this chore time consuming, but it can be error prone, leading to inefficient schedules being set that waste energy and drive up energy costs.  Encycle’s SwarmStat service allows a facility operator to create a single schedule and assign it to as many thermostats as desired. It also makes sure that all thermostats are automatically kept in sync with the master schedule. 

A second feature is the unique IoT service invented by Encycle: Consider the value of Swarm Logic® which continuously optimizes HVAC loads by reducing peak electrical demand while maintaining occupant comfort.  This unique load management service is available to building operators by connecting IoT-enabled thermostats to Encycle’s SwarmStat cloud, making those thermostats “super” smart.  The cloud receives real-time updates from thermostats, calculates optimized HVAC operations and sends small adjustments to thermostats every few minutes.  The value to commercial customers is a material reduction in peak demand, reflected in substantially lower demand charges on monthly utility bills.

The overall value of smart thermostats and Encycle’s SwarmStat service can lead to a reduction in HVAC energy costs by 15-25%.  Isn’t it time you considered how SwarmStat can add value to your smart thermostat-equipped buildings?


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