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Dear Advisor: Advice on Your Most Pressing HVAC Efficiency Questions

Posted by Robert Chiste on Sep 7, 2017 9:01:00 AM

Dear Advisor: I just joined an HVAC engineering design firm, and my boss told me that I only have one week to produce a new HVAC design for our key customer’s flagship building. He also said the design needs to meet the highest attainable sustainability goals because it will be a shining, showcase example of the best-of-the-best for the entire organization.  Help!!!  I’m petrified.

Dear Petrified:  Stay calm and never give up, my friend. Just study what makes a championship basketball team — and follow the same rules.

Dear Advisor: Huh?  

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Topics: Biomimicry, building management system, building energy management, building energy efficiency, HVAC Control

Greek Philosophers, Radial Tires and HVAC Game Changers. Say What?

Posted by Robert Chiste on Aug 11, 2017 9:41:07 AM

Somewhere around 500 BC the Greek philosopher Heraclitus, who is known for his doctrine of change being central to the universe, made a profound statement that is still often quoted: “The only thing that is constant is change.”

As business leaders, we are all too familiar with this adage because we deal with change every day, and our ability to anticipate and manage change often underpins the continued survival of the organizations that we lead.

Change takes place along a spectrum ranging from evolutionary to revolutionary.  Evolutionary change is often imperceptible until one steps back and views the change or transformation over a long period of time. Evolutionary change could be viewed as “change on the edges” – changes needed just to remain competitive.

Revolutionary change on the other hand can be disruptive to an entire industry and almost instantly result in winning and losing participants in that industry.

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Fortune Magazine Says 2017 is the Year of Biomimicry. We Say “What Took Us So Long?”

Posted by Robert Chiste on May 2, 2017 7:59:11 AM


As I was reading Fortune magazine’s “5 Trends to Ride 2017,” one of the featured trends quickly caught my eye: biomimicry. With a subtitle “Mimic Mother Nature,” the piece persuasively explained, “Nature has already solved many problems for us; why not take advantage of that?” The article goes on to point out that biomimicry is now going mainstream, with forward-looking companies releasing ingenious products that mirror innovations found in nature. The author talks about sunscreen that replicates hippos’ protective sweat (sans the odor) and hospital wall coatings that emulate sharkskin’s antimicrobial properties. Ingenious indeed!

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